About Us

Since 1987 as one of the first & most innovative companies in the leak detection industry, Fluoro-Dye Products has been committed to engineering & manufacturing the latest technology in Fluorescent Tracer Dyes, Lighting, Tools & Lubricants for the Automotive & HVAC industry with a complete lineup of products. Dyes: MPD multi-purpose universal dye for R-12, R134A, R22, 501,502, & most refrigerants on the market. Tools: a complete line of  A/C oil injection, A/C service tools & o-rings. Lubricants: a complete line of OEM & custom-blended lubricants for any A/C application and combined with the capability of custom manufacturing and designing any leak detection or lubricant products.

From small quantities to custom and bulk packaging, Fluoro-Dye Products is a leader in Leak Detection, Lubricants, and Tools.